Virginia Wineries News

  • Exploring Virginia Wines and Wineries

    While Napa Valley receives much fanfare for its wines, some of the country’s most complex wines and innovative wineries can be found in Virginia! Wine has been part of Virginia’s history since even before Thomas Jefferson first planted his vineyards. Today, over 50 Virginia wine varietals are produced at wineries around the state. With so many to choose from, there’s a Virginia wine to fit every menu and palate. Virginia’s wine trails make it easy to make a day or a weekend out of sampling all that Virginia wineries have to offer. Whether you’re a Virginia local, a tourist who loves a good bottle of wine, or someone in the market for their own Virginia winery, it’s a great time to plan your visit to experience all that Virginia wineries have to offer!  Continue reading

  • Your Guide to Touring Virginia’s Wine Trails

    Virginia has been known for its wine for centuries, ever since it was a British colony. Over the last few decades, Virginia’s vineyards and wineries have gained international recognition due to the state’s unique terroir. With all of the recent awards swept by Virginia wine, there has never been a better time to sample what the Commonwealth has to offer. Whether you’re a Virginia local looking for new activities or a tourist eager to try to best wine Virginia has to offer, consider taking an adventure on one of Virginia’s wine trails.  Continue reading