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  • Take a Vacation to Virginia Wine Country

    With summer well underway, it’s the perfect time to take a well-deserved break. And there’s no better way to enjoy a vacation than with breathtaking views and a bottle of great local wine! Virginia vineyards and wineries are the ideal destination for an easy and relaxed 2021 weekend getaway trip, whether you live in the state or across the country. 

    Not only are Virginia vineyards and wineries increasingly well-known in the international market for their high quality, but the state also boasts stunning mountain views, quirky and charming small towns, and fascinating historic sites for visitors to enjoy. While any vacation to Virginia wine country will feature amazing local wine, the rest is up to you – whether you want to hike to beautiful mountain vistas, shop in unique local boutiques, or tour stately historic districts. Continue reading

  • Virginia Vineyards and Wineries: Then and Now

    When most of us think of wine, we think of Italy, France and Napa Valley. If we venture no further than these tried and true regions of wine making, then we will be missing out on the opportunity to taste great wine from the birthplace of American wine – Virginia.

    Continue reading

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